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NEW for 2019 - Purina Feed Finder Tools

Feed Finder Touchscreen Kiosk, and Touchscreen End Cap Unit

If your Purina® Feed customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.  The NEW Feed Finder Touchscreen Kiosk will help your feed customers find and purchase the right Purina® feed for their animals.

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Feed Finder Species Poster Stands and Floor Display Graphics

An economical and small footprint solution for providing your Purina® Feed customers with information to make their Purina® Feed purchase for their animals.

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Feed Finder Digital Pricing and Menu Board System

Digital menu boards influence customers during the point of purchase, improve ambiance and are easy to read.  The ability to easily change the products, pricing, and specials make these digital menu boards a great choice.

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Interior Retail Signage and Components

Department Signs, Ceiling Halo, Aisle Definers, and Fact Tags

 Brand your feed department with the NEW Purina® Department Signs, Ceiling Halo, Aisle Definers, or Fact Tags.    

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End Caps, Portable Sign Stands, Price Boards, and Pallet Sign Holders

 From End Caps to Portable Sign Stands we have the necessary signs to direct your Purina® Feed customers to your feed department.  

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Window Clings, Banshees Banners, and Photo Murals

From the parking lot to the front entrance, from the windows to the walls, make a loud and clear statement that Purina® is your brand!  

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Store Front Exterior Signage, and Vehicle graphics

Traditional ID & Store Front Signs, Category Signs, and Property Signs

If your Purina Feed customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.  The NEW Feed Finder Tools will help your Purina feed customers find and purchase the right feed for their animals.

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Logos Panels, Your Local Purina® Dealer Signs & Nostalgic Purina® Sign

The embossed Nine Square Logo Panel is one of the most recognizable logos still today.  With Purina® Exterior Signage your customers will know that Purina® is your brand. 

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Box, Bulk Tank, and Pickup Truck Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics offer the highest ROI in outdoor advertising.  Purina® vehicle graphics will generate a positive and lasting brand impression to your local customers.  Don’t let the empty space on your trucks go to waste.

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Store Design & Retail Consulting Services

Layout & Design, Planograms, Fixture & Lighting Plans & UPC Scan Sheets

DP Consulting can assit with Store Layout & Fixtures, Planograms, Store Decor, Lighting Plan, Exterior Store Design & Product UPC Scan Sheets.

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Purina® Promotional Merchandising Display Plan

Great displays GROW sales, let us help show you.  A subscription service with a complete 12 month plan organized by species and provided quarterly. 

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On-Site Store Audit & Review/Store Consultation

Have a seasoned, experienced Purina Retail Solutions Expert visit your location and work with you on what’s possible. Pricing is based on a per day fee with clearly defined deliverables.

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